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July 19, 2003…one of those days that I remember where I was what i was doing when I received one of, if not THE, toughest phone call I ever received. In a gas station parking lot hearing the words that my closest friend had passed away.
Now eight years later and it still brings sadness. Not a day goes by I don’t think of Jason. I think about the fun times we had when we were kids, and the laughs we shared as teenagers. But if I can be totally honest, I often think about how great of a role model he was. To family members, to friends, to people who knew him from a distance. Who he said he was, IS how he lived his life. As a Christian, he was someone I could look up to and hope I could be like.
Eight years does not remove sadness, and it doesn’t stop making you miss someone, but I can say that after eight years I’m still thankful for the privilege and honor of the many years before.

Miss you still J!

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